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Client Testimonials

Neck, Shoulders and leg pain

Gabriel’s suffered from severe neck, shoulder and leg pains and also got ‘growing pains’ in his feet almost every day (especially at night). He didn’t sleep right through the night and often had strange and scary dreams.. His mom could not believe the transformation in her son since he completed his 3 sessions with Kathy, one of our Body Stress Release practitioners. Gabriel seems to be so much more at ease with himself, happy, more confident and much calmer. He is sleeping better and is much more energized. He even gets up before his mother in the mornings, makes his bed and has his breakfast without any nagging from her at all. 

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Severe back pain

Nelson* described his back pain as 'having a bayonet stuck in my back'. He also has breathlessness and pain into his shoulders and right arm. After his first BSR session the pain disappeared, but he had to refrain from instense physical activity to gove his body chance to heal within. 

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On-going headaches

Lorraine* (28) had been experiencing almost constant headaches for 6 months, as well as a stiff and painful neck. She had 2 sessions of BSR. After each one, the pain withdrew, but returned within a day. Detailed questioning revealed that she had started using a new skin cream about 6 months before. She stopped using it, and after one further session of BSR her neck stabilised and the headache ceased.

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Numbness and pins-and-needles

Landry* (42) complained of numbness in his arms, pins and needles in his fingers, and weakness of the hands. Body stress was released in his neck over 3 sessions. He reported that full sensation and strength had returned to his arms a week later.

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Asthma attacks

30 year old Elisabeth* had suffered from frequent attacks from asthma since a neck whiplash in a car accident four months previously. After three sessions of BSR full movement was restored to her neck and all symptoms of asthma ceased.

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Severe stomach pains

Every few months, four year old Mari* would wake up in the night with severe stomach pain. On each occasion she was rushed to hospital but all tests were negative. After a few hours the pain would ease. The BSR assessment showed body stress in the lower rib and diaphragm areas. Questioning her mother revealed that the Mari* at times requested iced fruit juice before going to sleep. The problem did not recur as her mother withheld the iced drinks.

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Chest pains and breathlessness

After cutting his lawn with a heavy mower, Walter* (40) experienced sudden severe chest pain and breathlessness. The condition continued for two weeks, although medical tests were all negative. After body stress was released in the sternum and rib area his pain withdrew and did not recur.

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Constantly crying baby

Linda* reported that her twelve week old baby had cried almost constantly since birth, and he hunched his shoulders and screamed when moved. Immediately after body stress was released in the neck her exhausted baby fell asleep for 10 hours. Much to the relief of his distressed parents, he became placid and contented.

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Suspected cerebral palsy

Five month old baby Francois* kept his arms in spasm against his chest and his gaze appeared to be unfocused. Cerebral palsy was suspected. After one session of BSR his arms relaxed. After a second session his mother reported that he was able to focus on her face and respond to her. Six months later his grandmother sent a photograph of him and a letter to say that Francois'* development was normal in every way.

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Baby who couldn't suckle

Two day old Sam* could not suckle, as her tongue kept flicking to the corner of her mouth. After body stress was released in the neck she began suckling normally.

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Bed-wetting from lower back pain

For several years, 15 year old Phil* had experienced the embarrassment of frequent bed-wetting, as well as intermittent lower back pain. After three sessions, in which pressure was released in the lumber spine, he had no further bladder problems. The bed-wetting recurred a year later after a heavy fall at rugby, but cleared up once more after two sessions of BSR.

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Kabelo* (25) heard from her gynaecologist that she could not conceive because she was not ovulating and on a separate occasion found that her knee and foot reflexes were absent due to a spinal nerve compression. She came to BSR for long-term lower back pain and after some months of releases, her back had improved and she became pregnant.

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Calf pain causing immobillity

48 year old Julian* was experiencing such intense calf pain that he was unable to walk. He was not aware of any pain in his lower back. A week of traction in hospital had not eased the problem. After the first BSR session his lower back became very painful as feeling was restored to numbed nerves. The calf pain was unchanged. After the second session three days later the pain withdrew from his calves and was felt in the hips and lower back. After further releases 5 days later, the pain in the lover back began to lessen. The final session was 3 days after that. Within two weeks Julian* was pain-free and was able to return to work.

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A weak bladder

65 Year old Lloyd* had the embarrassing problem of needing to urinate frequently. After some months of BSR for long-term lower-back pain, the pressure and irritation on his bladder was gone. He was able to enjoy his life without baldder interruptions once more.

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Colds and Flu

27 Year old Mitch* was in persuit of total fitness. He excercised vigorously every day and started to find that he cought every cold and flu bug that was doing the rounds. BSR determined that his over-excercising was pushing his body into stress overload and undermining his immune system.

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Lower-back, mid-back and neck stress

Dianne* (10) could not sit still in class, nor were her mark very good. A BSR assesment detected body stress in the lower-back, mid-back and neck, which came as a surprise as she never complained to her parents about this. After some months of BSR, her marks improved and she was no longer the class troublemaker. Her body stress had caused her to constantly feel irritated and uneased, leading to her feeling distracted most of the time. She did not verbalise this, as it was her normal state of being.

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*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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